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Prabas Vcare Health Clinic Pvt Ltd: –

Prabas Vcare Health Clinic is among the renowned multispecialty chain of aesthetic clinics that provide international standard U.S FDA approved treatments. We are ISO 9001-2008, have successfully handled over 500,000 cases and have over 15 years experience in our company. We have gradually expanded to include 32 clinics and 2 super-specialty clinics across South India, backed by a team of 100+ experienced trichologists, cosmetologists, surgeons and a service team of more than 1200 Hair & Skin experts. Specializing in hair care, skin care, slimming and cosmetics, we were founded by Ms.PRABA REDDY, our MD, the first certified trichologist in South India and the sixth in India by IAT, Sydney, Australia.

Prabas Vcare Health Clinic

Vcare has created a niche in the health & wellness sector, especially in Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, for establishing 16 branches and 2 super-specialty clinics in these three countries.

Vcare has a strong commitment to delivering quality services in the arena of hair care management. Every treatment offered at Vcare is a result of proven and proven technologies. More than 300,000 satisfied customers in the field of trichology and 200,000 satisfied customers in the field of dermatology are proof of our abilities.

Vcare’s commitment to delivering high-quality products and services has been the subject of research and development through the R & D wing “VcareTrichological Research Center”. The products developed by the R & D department meet international standards.

Vcare also promotes the study of trichology and allied health sciences through its Academy “Vcare’s Global Institute of Health Science (VGIHS)”.

Internationally recognized diagnostic techniques, clinically proven treatment methods (USFDA approved treatment techniques), skilled and experienced professionals, home care products manufactured on international standards are a few reasons that people prefer to use their hair and slimming services.

World Class Hair Care Solutions: –
Vcare is amongst the renowned multispecialty chain of aesthetic clinics providing International standard U.S FDA approved treatments. We are ISO 9001-2008, have treated over 500,000 cases successfully and have over 15 years of experience in our operations. Gradually, we have expanded to 32 clinics and 2 Superspeciality Clinics across South India, ably supported by a team of 100+ experienced Trichologists, Cosmetologists, Surgeons and a service team with more than 1200 Hair & Skin experts. Specializing in Hair care, Skin care, slimming and cosmetology, we were founded by Ms.PRABA REDDY, our MD, who is the first certified Trichologist in South India and 6th in India from IAT, Sydney, Australia.

Our Team: –
Since 2002, Vcare has been successfully offering hair solutions for men and women, thanks in part to the competence of our highly qualified and experienced aesthetic doctor, trichologists and bodies of HairExperts. With the expert guidance of our experts, the staff at the Vcare facilities is well prepared to identify the best solutions for your individual needs.

Vcare is looking to work with the most innovative and effective physicians, trichologists and HairExperts worldwide, so that we will always give our customers a true value and reliability. Vcare has successfully changed the lives of 500,000 happy customers with panel.

  • 60 nos Doctors & Dermatologists
  • 10 nos of the Maximum Surgeon
  • 10 nos Plastic surgeon

Prabas Vcare Health Clinic Pvt Ltd
Prabas Vcare Health Clinic Pvt Ltd
Prabas Vcare Health Clinic Pvt Ltd

Address : Door No 47-3-9, 2nd Floor, Sastris Residency, shankaramatam road, Shankramatam Road, Visakhapatnam – 530016

Phone : 0891-2501031, 0891-2501032

Category : Hair Transplant Doctors In Vizag

Opening Hours :

Sunday 10:30AM–06:30PM
Monday 10:30AM–06:30PM
Tuesday 10:30AM–06:30PM
Wednesday 10:30AM–06:30PM
Thursday 10:30AM–06:30PM
Friday 10:30AM–06:30PM
Saturday 10:30AM–06:30PM

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