About YV Rao Hair Transplant Clinic:

Dr YV Rao Hair Transplant Clinic is a qualified and qualified hair transplant surgeon in Vizag. He is fifteen years of experience as a capillary transplant surgeon.

His particular interest is in hair transplantation and cosmetic surgery and he has pursued them with dedication. Dr. YV Rao graduated from Rangaraya Medical College with a degree in medicine, Kakinada in 1986. He completed M.S in general surgery in 1990 from Manipal.

He did M. Ch in the degree of plastic surgery and cosmetics in 1996 from Madras Medical College, Chennai. Subsequently, he worked in NIMS (Institute of Medical Sciences in Nizam) as an assistant professor and head of I / C of the Department of Plastic Surgery until 2002.

Dr.YV Rao Hair Transplant Clinic – Ramnagar

YV Rao Hair Transplant Clinic
Address:Waltair Main Rd, Ram Nagar, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, 530020
Phone :+(91)-9963655055
Category : Hair Transplant Doctors in Vizag

Opening Hours :

Monday 09:30AM–05:30PM
Tuesday 09:30AM–05:30PM
Wednesday 09:30AM–05:30PM
Thursday 09:30AM–05:30PM
Friday 09:30AM–05:30PM
Saturday 09:30AM–05:30PM

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