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About Dr Raju Advanced Hair Transplantation:

Dr Raju Advanced Hair Transplantation – Anyone who wishes to correct his fall or loss of hair should be treated individually. When surgical treatment is considered the best approach, your unique needs will direct the choice of hair loss treatment to one or more options.

Choosing hair restoration surgery is a major decision for most people and will permanently change your appearance to a younger look. Hair transplant surgery will restore hair that will grow naturally and will require hairstyles and hairstyles, as do people who do not suffer from hair loss.

The hair restoration specialist you choose for this surgery should be a doctor. You are able to read why your hair restoration specialist should be a doctor. To learn more about the procedures used, see our glossary on hair restoration surgery for more information.

Hair transplant surgery
A hair transplant is the most common surgical treatment for hair loss today. The aesthetic results have gradually improved with experience, science and advanced instruments.

Hair Restoration for Women
Women as well as men suffer from hair loss and can benefit from hair restoration. Many aspects of hair restoration are the same for both sexes, although some are “for women only”.

For some, alopecia reduction surgery may be the best approach for hair restoration. Such surgery should only be undertaken by qualified and experienced doctors for hair restoration. Types of alopecia reduction surgery include: Scalp Reduction Surgery Scalp Flask Surgery Scalp Expanding Surgery

Your hair restoration doctor will determine the risk factors for surgery based on the information you provide before undergoing your hair restoration surgery. Surgical-Restorative Hair Restoration Hair Restoration in Scalp

Eyebrows and eyelashes are important for facial symmetry. Hair restoration surgery can often restore the entire eyebrows and eyelashes. Restoration of hair with eyebrows and eyelashes

Surgery of the hair actually causes less discomfort than many other surgical procedures. Most patients after surgery say the pain was less than a visit to their dentist.
Experiences on post-hair restoration surgery Follow-up of hair restoration procedures

Dr.Raju Advanced Hair Transplantation

Dr Raju Advanced Hair Transplantation
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