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About Angels Advanced Clinic:

Angels Advanced Clinic is an advanced cosmetic clinic. It has been a beginner for more than a decade. We constantly use advanced technologies to make our customers happy with modern and proven treatments. We provide our services with powerful therapies and technologies for men and women.

Angels was founded in 1991, but when we started we called ourselves as trend creators. In a short time we have grown to 15 branches in southern India with more than 200 employees. Our company office is located in the city of Hyderabad; We have branches in Telangana, Andhra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Angels finds, compares and starts the right clinics for the comfort of the client. We provide detailed information and advice on advanced non-surgical and surgical treatments in our clinics. We believe that every customer is an empowered consumer. When they choose to have non-medical treatment or cosmetic surgery, we want to give them all the information they need to make an informed choice.

About Radhika Reddy

Dr.Radhika Reddy is an Indian beautician, contractor and consultant. She is credited with having introduced hair replacement treatments in southern India. It is a pioneer in the field of aesthetics and trichology in the standard for the industry. Its method of hair care and skin care is innovative in any service taken. Dr. Radhika Reddy is an eminent and very determined cosmetologist whose dedication is responsible for serving millions of people.

The founder and CEO of Angels Group of Companies She was the first female cosmetologist in India of the Intra American University of Humanistic Studies, Florida, USA. She was appointed Doctor of Philosophy in Cosmetology on 16-09-2002. Her efforts and innovations were recognized and she was honored with the “INDIRA GANDHI PRIYADARSHINI PRIZE” in recognition of the nonsurgical treatments introduced in the hair, skin and body care

After observing treatments and therapies in various clinics, she decided to open an advanced clinic with specialized treatments that were previously unavailable. She has attended numerous workshops around the world. His research and his passion for aesthetic treatments make it always up to date.

His thought of advancement in the cosmetic field and zeal brings us proven treatments all over the world; Angels Advanced Clinic is the only clinic in India to offer a wide range of services created for a trend in its innovative treatments, it is the first to present

Angels Advanced Clinic Pvt Ltd.

Angels Advanced Clinic
Address:Flat no.301, Pakkies Complex 2nd lane,, Dwaraka Nagar, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530016
Phone :+(91)-08916529655
Category : Hair Transplant Doctors in Vizag

Opening Hours :

Monday 09:30AM–05:30PM
Tuesday 09:30AM–05:30PM
Wednesday 09:30AM–05:30PM
Thursday 09:30AM–05:30PM
Friday 09:30AM–05:30PM
Saturday 09:30AM–05:30PM

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